26.1.2013 Extreme storms expected in Germany next week. Forecast data: M.I.L.K. and GFS

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Time given in local time
On Sunday at 10:00 the first real effects of the very powerful low pressure areas will be felt at the NW coasts, when the gusts reach 69kmh already. This will stay like that untill around 19:00 But it will still stay windy with around 50kmh at the coasts.On Monday at 13:00 the wind will pick up again. It will then reach 68kmh throughout the NW caosts and Schleswig-hohlstein. Untill 19:00 the wind will gain streangth. Wind speeds of 79kmh are expected at the NW coasts of Germany. Untill 22:00 this will pick up extremely. The wind will howl with up to 114kmh at the NW coasts, and also terrorize Bremen with 80kmh winds. For the NW coasts the storm will weaken untill 1:00 on Tuesday, where 110kmh are still left. In the baltic sea the gusts will at that point also reach 94kmh. Berlin is expected to have 65kmh. Untill 4:00, though, the wind at the coasts will pick uo again, and then blow with 114kmh again. Gusts up to 92kmh are expected in Bremen and Hamburg, 70kmh in Berlin. Also the baltic coasts should expectm 93kmh. At 7:00 the system will weaken for the NW coasts again, but still cause 105kmh wind. In Bremen and Hamburg it will weaken to 89kmh, too. But in Berlin it will still intensify, and at that point the wind will reach 77kmh. At 10:00 generally in all of Germany the wind weakens, exept for Berlin where it will now reach 78kmh. But already at 16:00 the new storm comes from W Germany with already 87kmh. This will move away to the north. But at 4:00 on Wednesday it grow again and willp bring 100kmh to extreme NW Gemrnay. Soon NW Gemrnay including Bremen (but not Hamburg) will be battered by 100kmh winds. At 13:00 103kmh are to be exoected. Suddenly and very unexpectedly the storm will then do rapid cyclogenese and become a hurricane forced storm. In Berlin the wind spead will jump up from 78kmh to 90kmh in just 3hours, in NW Germany gusts of 128kmh are expected, across all of the N half of Germany the gusts will reach up to 114kmh. But the storm will move straight to the east, and still intensify. That means it will then bring 144kmh wind to N Germany at 16:00, and even 120kmh to Berlin. And at 19:00 is when it will get really extreme for the capital. Gusts of 139kmh are expected in Berlin, throughout all of N Germany gusts of 100kmh. After this incredible peak the wind will gradually weaken. The next storm is on the doormat already, and will cause 97kmh wind in W Germany on Thursday at 16:00. Just before it moves into Gemrnay and causes chaotic conditions in the whole country with gusts up to 97kmh also in S Germany. At 1:00 on Friday this storm is expected to bring 131kmh in central S Germany, then move away to the E. But also in Berlin gusts of 97kmh are expectedd.

That was the incredible wind forecast.
By M.I.L.K.

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