27.1.2013 Strong storms expected next week in Germany

#1 by Linus , Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:42 am

On Tuesday at 01:00 the first really stormy gusts wills strike. Gusts of 96kmh are expected at the NW coasts, on the islands more; up to 84kmh in NW Germany. This will stay about the same for the next three hours, just that the wind in NW Germany (not the coasts!) will intensify to 88kmh. Then in those regions that got battered by that stormy wind this will dicipate at aroun 7:00. At 19:00 on Tuesday the next storm will move in from the W. At 22:00 gusts of 84kmh are expected in W Germany, which will dicipate but still move towards the E. The next storm comes on Monday at around 7:00 and then already bring gusts of 82kmh throughout NW Germany. It will continue towards the E which will take about 6 further hours. The next low already strikes at 16:00; at that time the wind already reaches up to 101kmh in central W Germany, and 96kmh around it. Untill 19:00 the system will intensify, and cause spread gusts of 97kmh, mainly throughout S Germany. Then it changes its mind, and moves up towards the NE, causing 102kmh gusts in central E Germany, but also 85kmh in Berlin. The big storm that was predicted for Wednesday is not anymore predicted. It is now completely gone. But the storm on Thursday evening has "streangthend". At 19:00 the gusts in NW Germany will reach up to 106kmh, As the system comes closer, at 22:00, there will be gusts of 114kmh at the NW coasts, and up to 101kmh throughout N Germany, gusts of 92kmh are expected in Berlin. At 1:00 the winds at the NW coasts will still continue intensifying, now having gusts of 127kmh, NW germany with 112kmh, Berlin with 95kmh, and the Baltic sea coasts will also have to deal with 97kmh. At 4:00 the wind at the NW coasts will be most likely at it's peak, with gusts of 133kmh expected. N Germany will have widespread 115kmh, Berlin still 101kmh. At 7:00 the wind at the coasts will dicipate back to 126kmh, but throughourt all of N Germany gosts of 116kmh will be measured regularily, locally 119kmh. Berlin will have to cope with 108kmh. untill 10:00 the wind in NE Germany will intensify, Berlin is then expecting 115kmh. Untill 13:00, though, it will weaken here too and oly have 102kmh in Berlin.
The MILK stormchasers will chase the storm!

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26.1.2013 Extreme storms expected in Germany next week. Forecast data: M.I.L.K. and GFS

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