25.1.2012 Extreme storms expected in Germany next week

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The first strong gusts are expected on Sunday at 10:00 local time, reaching up to 62kmh at the north sea coast of Germany.
Dangerous wind is expected to arrive on Monday, at around 19:00 when the NW coasts will get battered with up to 82kmh wind already. Damage of roof and shutters is expected then. The storm will move in from the NW, and until 22:00 wind of over 62kmh is expected in Hamburg. At that time the north sea coasts get battered with up to 102kmh winds. The storm will continue moving, and over all weaken, in Germany still intensify. N Germany will be battered by around 83kmh, Berlin with 52kmh at 01:00 on Tuesday. The coasts will experience up to 103kmh at that time. The wind will slowly weaken, but will not sink under 60kmh in the entire N half of Germany. And then, at 22:00 the next storm already approaches. At 1:00 on Wednesday the NW coasts are expected to get 103kmh winds already. At 4:00 the whole N half of Germany will get 58-97kmh, the NW coasts even 116kmh. The storm will move over the ocean, and affect N Germany with up to 80kmh, and Baltic as well as N sea coasts with up to 100kmh. But until 13:00 the storm will change it's mind, and come back from the NW. Peaks of 108kmh are expected in the NW. At 16:00 Germany will be affected by hurricane forced wind. The coasts should have 137kmh, Schleswig-hohlstein 127kmh. The system will continue traveling, and cause 107-137kmh in N Germany. Berlin will have 96kmh. at 22:00 N Germany will be battered by 96-124kmh wind speeds, Berlin 102kmh. The wind will gradually move towards the NE and weaken. But on Thursday the next storm will come once more. At 22:00 the very compact storm system is expected to reach 126kmh in W Germany. In the next hours the system will move towards the ESE,

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