14.1.2013: Very cold in Germany

#1 by Linus , Mon Jan 14, 2013 5:33 am

The MILK weather station in Berlin Steglitz is measuring -7.2°C currently at 5:07 MET. It is even colder on the Lindenberg, where it has -8.7°C, although there is haze/shallow fog. It is even colder on the Brocken. This mountain currently lies in the clouds, and has a temperature of -12.2°C. Only the Zugspitze, the highest mountain Germanys can top this value: with -14.6°C.
But that is only the beginning. Conditions are expected to get by far more freezing. While today the temperature will not rise over .4°C in Berlin (Tegel), on the Zugspitze it will stoll reach -5°C, and that is only 1°C colder than in Berlin. In the coming night temperatures down to -9°C are expected in Berlin, as well as in Potsdam and on the Zugspitze. This shows that definetely the coldest air from germany is still in the N, since the zugspitze is far over 2000m high. Tomorrow the temperature will stay cold with up to -4°C in Berlin and Potsdam, but it will reach -3°C on the Zugspitze, which is still over 2600m higher. In the night to Wednesday the temperatures are going to droop to -9°C in Berlin and Potsdam, and -10°C on the Zugspitze. The highest temperature in Berlin is expected to be -5°C, in Potsdam -5°C and on the Zugspitze -10°C.
Snow in Berlin?
Late in the night on monday, there might be some slight snowfall in E Berlin.
On Wednesday at 4:00MET there might be some slight snowfall in Berlin
This continues untill about 10:00MET

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