2015.01.06 - Forecast for W Berlin and surrounding

#1 by Linus , Tue Jan 06, 2015 6:31 am

First of all, we wish you a very pleasant and happy new year [2015]

MILK Weather hopes taht the year will be quite interresting in terms of weather...
But currently it doesn’t look like much will happen soon (except windstorms).

Well, here we go:

Today there will be drizzle in the morning, which should, however, end soon. The rest of the day it is forecast to stay dry, but still mainly cloudy (with some brief intervals of sunshine). The temperatures will be around average, with -0°C in the morning and a maximum of +3°C during the day. In the afternoon and evening it will be quite windy, with gusts of 5bft (bouford) coming from the SE.

Tomorrow there will be rain or drizzle, which will start soon after sunrise and will end in th eafternoon. After that it will stay mainly cloudy or nearly overcast for the rest of the day. Especially at the beginning, the rain might freeze. The temperatures will range from -1°C to +3°C. It will be windy, but no significant (warning relevant) gusts are forecast.

Thursday there will be rain, which (around noon) will be moderate for a short time. In the evening the rain will be STRONG, with risk of local or regional flooding. In the morning, when the rain is still just drizzle and the temperatures are forecast to be 0°C, the rain might be freezing. The maximum will be 4°C. During the entire day it will be fairly windy, with the strongest gusts being forecast to occur in the morning.

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