2015.01.05 - Forecast for Germany

#1 by Linus , Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:35 pm

Tomorrow morning there will be precipitation in E Germany. The precipitation will be a mix of rain and snow. Towards the S of E Germany the precipitation will turn more and more into snow, towards the coast it will be more liquid. The precipitation will be light with no increased risk. In the morning there might also be drizzle at the north sea coast. The precipitation will soon decrease, and fog will spread regionally in E Germany. Towards the alps it will be sunny. During the day the cloud cover will generally increase throughout Germany. In the N half it will end up being overcast most of the day nearly everywhere. The wind will be weak in most of Germany, in the E and at the coasts it will be moderate. Wind gusts of 5bft, at the coasts 6bft are to be expected.
The night to tomorrow will be very cold in the S half of Germany, with temperatures dropping to -6°C in most regions. In the N half, especially in the E and W (not so much in the center) it will stay around 0°C, or slightly above 0°C. In central N Germany the temperatures will drop slightly below 0°C. During the day it will be relatively normal, with temperatures of around 2 or 3°C in most of Germany. In the SE it will stay around freezing, in the SW it will quite warm, with temperatures up to around 10°C.

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