2014.06.30 - Forecast for Berlin

#1 by Linus , Mon Jun 30, 2014 7:40 pm

Tomorrow it will be sunny the entire day. However, in the afternoon convective clouds are possible (obviously resulting in the weather not being sunny but rather partly cloudy/partly sunny.)
In the morning the temperature will be around 9 to 10°C, but during the day the sun will warm up Berlin to temperatures of 24 to 25°C.

Wednesday will be completely sunny as well. Therefore, the temperatures will rise further. In the morning, after a clear night the temperatures will be 9 to 10°C again, but during the day it will be warmer and warmer again and heat up to 24 to 25°C again, so nice and comfortable.

Thursday will be partly cloudy, partly sunny. In the morning the temperature will be 10°C, in teh afternoon up to 28 to 29°C.

Friday will be very nice, only sometimes partly cloudy. In the morning it will be quite warm at 14 to 15°C, but in the afternoon it will be up to 31°C hot.

Saturday will be partly overcast, partly sunny with a very instable atmosphere. MILK will keep monitoring teh dangerous situation for Saturday - extreme thunderstorms are forecast. In the morning very warm with 18°C, later 30 to 31°C.

Sunday there will be rain, in the afternoon once more thunderstorms (however most likely weaker). In the morning 17°C, later up to 28°C.

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