2014.06.09 - heat wave forecast DE, AT

#1 by Linus , Mon Jun 09, 2014 7:20 am

Today the temperature will reach 34C in Upper and Lower Austria, and 42C locally in S Brandenburg and NE Sachsen. In Berlin 36C, in Vienna 32C, in Graz 31C

Tomorrow 36C locally in SE Upper Austria and 40C locally in S Niedersachsen. In Berlin 38C and in Vienna and Graz 33C

Wednesday in Germany 38C locally in far E Bavaria, in Austria 38C in SE Upper Austria and N Burgenland. In vienna 37C, in Graz and Berlin 34C.

Thursday in Germany 29C locally in N Bavaria, in Austria 32C locally in SE Styria. In Graz 32C, Vienna 29C and Berlin 28C

Friday in Germany 28 locally in far S Rheinland-Pfalz, in Austria 31C locally in SE Styria. In Graz 31C, Vienna 26C and Berlin 20C

Saturday in Germany 28C in E Berlin, in Austria 28C in far S Carynthia. In Berlin 28C, Graz 26C and Vienna 24C

Sunday in Austria 25C locally in N Burgenland, in Germany 26C in E Berlin. In Berlin 26C, Graz 23C and Vienna 20C

Monday in Austria 29 in N Burgenland, in Germany 31C in E Berlin. In Berlin 31C, Vienna 24C and Graz 22C

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2014.06.05 - heat wave forecast

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