22.4.2014 - Thunderstorms in Graz (Part 2)

#1 by Linus , Mon Jun 02, 2014 11:26 am

Here it the second part of the report of the report about the thunderstorms in Graz on the 22.4.2014

During the entire time it was very windy, resulting in a small dust storm that also blew across the highway and covered the streets with sand.

Quite soon, the precipitation, clearly only rain, could be seen approaching (surprisingly clearly) from the NW, the second thunderstorm.

Thunderstorm number 1 was still impressive, and started merging with storm number 2.

Light spots came through the clouds, and reached the surface, moving around slowly over the green grass of the airport Graz.

And the wind was still strong.

Graz was now completely lost in the precipitation - almost certain that there was hail there.

Amazing thunderstorm towards the NW - now it was this thunderstorm that I was watching closest.

And more thunderstorms to the N in the mountains...

The precipitation from Graz was coming closer slowly

The last shot of the thunderstorm number 2 right before my flight was the most amazing as well. Here the picture.

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