22.4.2014 - Thunderstorm in Graz [Pictures - many!]

#1 by Linus , Mon Jun 02, 2014 7:00 am

The days before were very nice and sunny, so that every day it was a little warmer. Here you see the weather on the 19th.

But then on the 22nd, the time had come for me to fly back to Berlin (where there were thunderstorms close by.)

There was no special weather, I did not expect any thunderstorms, neither did anyone in MILK. However, the clouds started rapidly growing, and then from the N, the thunderstorms came. You know how thunderstorms always look darker than they are. Well, this one looked this dark:

However, in real it was only this dark (still dark enough)

There were two thunderstorms, but one was stronger than the other and therefore drew my attention to it more. It was right over Graz, and inside there was a lot of rain and possibly hail. Here you can see the precipitation coming down over Graz.

The sky was amazing. Some patches of blue, big, black clouds, and then the powerful downdraft over Graz. And in the foreground a Dash-Q8 from the Austrian air lines AUA.

The second thunderstorm to the NW was closer, however weaker. I only started taking photos of it, when the base started turning really black.

I will keep the tension up. The story will be continued later in the comments...

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