Severe stom in Geramny

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4:00 am on Friday

The storm is now finished. For the evaluation, please browse the M.I.L.K. sites today and in the next days. Further information will be added. This live ticker is now officially OVER.


The new peak: now 126kmh on the Brocken mountain. Stronger winds are still expected in Berlin. Please keep updated.


The new peak gust is: 121kmh on the Brocken.

Image: current peak gusts:

At the current time the German weather service has started issuing warnings for far parts of Germany. Also at the MILK stations there has been an increase in the wind. Gusts of 105kmh are expected in the evening in Berlin, which is caused by the occlusion. Following stations are reporting strong storm gusts currently:
Brocken. The Brocken has measured the Germany-wide peek so far: 97kmh. That happened in the last hour. Only in Austria the Sonnblick had more: 101kmh. BUT AGAIN: FOR BERLIN OVER 105 KMH ARE EXPECTED IN THE EVENING. For live info please visit: milk-restricted.xobor.de or also www.milk-weather.org

The storm system now has 10bft gusts over the N sea, or at least that is very likely. At 6UTC the far NW Coasts of Germany will beginn feeling the full force of the storm.

In the last hour, the DWD (German weather service) has measured 50kmh on Helgoland. But that is, compared to what will still come, very week. 58kmh were measured on the mountain Brocken. We will keep you updated.

Hello everybody. We now just started our ticker to the severe storm that is currently lurching NW of Germany. Although the system is currently not so great, with peaks of aroun 70kmh, it will increase rapidly and then move into Germany from the NW. The storm system is expected to bring gusts of significantly over the 12bft boundary in lowland far in the inland, and repeated gusts of 11bft as well. In Berlin 98kmh are forecast, which is 20kmh more than still 1 day ago. M.I.L.K. is expecting peaks of around 108kmh, though, which would be near hurricane-forced. More information will be added. Please visit www.milk-weather.org/blog for the upgraded version of the live tickers.

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