11.9.2012 Looks like a powerful storm could strike central europe

#1 by Linus , Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:26 am

It looks like even though we are in the driest month (for Germany usually) we might have some intense wind at the end of this week. Since most of the MILK stormchasers, as well as the main weather station are located in and around Berlin, this will be a awsome opporunity to chase storms! Since thisis still quite long away, you can't be exactly shure how strong the storm will be. But all the models say it's coming here, and the last model runs have continually gotten stronger...
So here comes the wind forecast for Berlin, and next to it some things you can do to be more safe.
Fr, 03UTC, 31-32kmh, no special safety awarenes
Fr, 06UTC, 37-38kmh, no special safety awarenes
Fr, 09UTC, 45kmh, take garden furniture inside
Fr, 12UTC, 53kmh, take garden furniture inside, stay away from trees, as twigs may brake off
Fr, 15UTC, 57kmh, take garden furniture inside, stay away from trees, as twigs may brake off
Fr, 18UTC, 72-75kmh, take garden furniture inside, close shutters, Stay away from trees as branches will brake off, prepare with damage of the roof
Then the storm should dicipate relatively quickly in berlin, in exception of the late night, where it turns up to 65kmh again.

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