26.8.2012 Meanings for the weather forecasting competition

#1 by Linus , Sun Aug 26, 2012 8:11 am

N:Eighths of the sky covered at 12UTC
dd: Wind direction at 12 UTC in degrees
ff: wind speed at 1UTC in kmh
fx: wind gusts in kmh measured from 6UTC untill 6UTC Monday
wv: weather before noon.
wn: weather in the afternoon.
ppp: pressure reduced to sea level at 12UTC
ttm: maximum temperature from 6 to 18UTC
ttd: dewpoint at 12 UTC
rr: rain ammount in 24 hours (from 6 to 6 UTC Monday

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11.9.2012 Looks like a powerful storm could strike central europe
26.8.2012 Weather forecasting competition for Berlin Tegel between UKMO and GFS

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