2014.06.30 - World severe forecast for tomorrow

#1 by Linus , Mon Jun 30, 2014 8:01 pm

This is the only forecast world wide that predicts tomorrows extremest weather.

Highest wind: 96.1km/h, Marion island (South Africa)
Maximum 3 h. precipitation: 32.1lm, Milwaukee (USA)
Maximum 6 h. precipitation: 40.3lm², Lago Yulton (Chile)
Maximum 12 h. precipitation: 66.4lm², Sittwe (Myanmar)
Maximum 24 h. precipitation: 61.1lm², Lago Yulton (Chile)
Maximum 24 h. snowfall: 21.8cm, Base B. O'Higgins (Antarctica)
Highest temperature: 49.2°C, Basra (Iraq)
Lowest temperature: -26.8°C, Neumayer (Antactica)
Freezing rain: 4.1mm, Grimsfjall (Iceland)
Extreme thunderstorms: Extremest in Grand Rapids (USA)
Hot humiditiy: 38.1hPa water vapor, Katha (Myanmar)

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