Forecast central Europe for the 20.8.2013

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In the night there will be scattered rain showers throughout Germany, as well as rain showers in E Switzerland. In Austria it will rain meanwhile, especially in Upper and Lower Austria, as well as in the N Styria it is expected to rain severely. Strong rain is to be expected far throughout Austria, causing a significant chance of flooding once again. In the early morning hours Switzerland will dry, and in Germany light rain will move away towards the east. In Austria the rain will also dissipate, only being drizzle or light rain and being located quite central in the coutnry. Rain and drizzle will still be occuring in the morning in central Austria and central Germany. Before noon the drizzle will move to Bavaria, in Austria there will still be light to moderate rain. Around noon rain will continue in Austria, but Germany is expected to become totaly dry, only very occasional rain showers will be possible in Sachsen. In the late afternoon and evening there will be further rain in Austria, dissipating in the late evening or over the night.

Rain 6hr period:

During the morning hours, until 8am local time, there will be rain in central E and central Germany, but amounts will be often so Little that they will be barely measureable. Maximum rain in 6 hours here will be 1lm². Austria will be a little more rainy, except for N and E Austria, there it will stay dry. There might be up to 4mm of rain in just 6 hours in Carynthia. Until the afternoon the rain will spread, leaving only W Germany and E Austria dry. In Austria 6mm in 6 hours are expected, but 15 are easilly possible. In Germany the rain will only be very light to light. Until the evening the E and SW og Germany will be dry again, and the rain will be only very light, while in Austria now 11mm are to be expected, but more are most likely not possible. There might therefore be flooding in Austria. During the night the rain will weaken.

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