4.8.2013 - Severe thunderstorms in Austria, supercell in Graz

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Yesterday, on the 4.8.2013, there were severe thunderstorms all around Austria. Here are some severe weather reports:

In Spiegelsberg, Styria, severe wind was reported. 101kmh were measured there by a stormchaser, that observed some trees being uprooted and branches flying around. That was the first severe weather report that reached ESWD yesterday. Soon, a skywarn member reported 3cm (diameter) hail in Waidhofen and der Thaya. In Thaya, Lower Austria, there was extreme hail that even covered the roads, damaged cars and roofs and ripped all the leaves off the trees. in combination there was intense rain and gusts up to 100.2kmh.

Chronological order of severe weather events (local time, UTC+2)

14:59, Hail, Gußwerk, 0.5cm
16:33, Rain, Neunkirchen
16:58, Hail, Schottwein, 4cm
17:32, Hail, Schönbach, 1cm
17:42, Rain, St. Johann im Pongau
18:04, Hail, Altmünster, 2 minute hail shower, 1cm
18:30, Wind, Vitis
18:50, Wind, Spiegelsberg, 100kmh
19:06, Hail, Waidhofen an der Thaya, 3cm
19:10, Hail, Thaya, 5cm
19:13, Wind, Großarl, gusts to 95kmh, average (10 minute) 56kmh
19:18, Hail, Schmerbach, 2cm
19:46, Hail, Trofaiach, 1cm
19:49, Hail, St. Georgen am Walde, 1cm
19:57, Hail, Kirchberg an der Pielach, 1cm
20:01, Wind, Pernegg an der Mur, 110kmh
20:19, Hail, ruck an der Mur, 2cm
20:27, Hail, Zlattern, 1cm
20:45, Hail, Aspang-Markt, 2cm
20:58, Wind, Wagenbach, 90kmh
21:02, Wind, Vienna, 93kmh
21:15, Wind, Arnwiesen
21:17, Wind, Tobelbad
22:00, Rain, Gloggnitz
22:30, Hail, Fernitz, 1cm

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