Weather forecast Berlin and surrounding (W) 22.5.2013

#1 by Linus , Wed May 22, 2013 6:00 am

Today: It will soon start to rain/drizzle. The rain should start at latest 11:00. Before that, the cloud cover is hard to predict, even though it is in the nearest future. The sky should be overcast in the morning. The rain will continue until the evening in form of light rain. 7 to 10°C.
In the afternoon the wind gusts will start reaching 42kmh, which is considered as an advisatory in M.I.L.K. In the later afternoon the wind will pick up to 58kmh which is a WIND WARNING LEVEL 1 in M.I.L.K. In the evening, the gusts will pick up to 66kmh. That is considered as a WIND WARNING LEVEL 2 by M.I.L.K. For more information, please read the M.I.L.K. warnings.

Tomorrow the day will start sunny. It will stay mainly fair the whole day. 2 to 15°C.

On Friday it will be mainly overcast. 4 to 18°C.

On Saturday it will start drizzly and later will be overcast. 6 to 15°C. The day will start off with gusts of 46kmh, which is a M.I.L.K. advisatory. This wind speed will also stay until the evening.

Sunday it will be mainly overcast, only in the evening the sky might clear up a little. 8 to 17°C. Sunday will start with gusts of 43kmh, which is a M.I.L.K. advisatory. This wind speed will stay until the evening.

Monday will start sunny and stay sunny. In the afternoon light rain showers are expected. These will intensify to strong rain showers until the evening. 4 to 19°C. In the afternoon wind gusts of 43kmh are expected, which is a M.I.L.K. advisatory. In the evening, gusts of 55kmh are expected which is a M.I.L.K. WIND WARNING LEVEL 1. Close to showers the wind gusts could also reach 75kmh.

Tuesday starts partly cloudy, partly sunny, and then until noon it will be only sunny. 7 to 22°C. The day will start with gusts of 45kmh which is a M.I.L.K. advisatory.

Wednesday will start fair, later it will be sunny. 11 to 26°C.

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