Thunderstorm Forecast for Europe issued: 14.3.2013, Thursday

#1 by Linus , Thu Mar 14, 2013 3:23 pm

In this forecast we do nut count turkey as Europe.

Today in the evening there is the possibility for thunderstorms in Albania, Kosovo, and also Serbia. In the night the thunderstorm threat dissipates in these locations, but thunderstorms are then possible in Bulgaria, in the NW at the border to Romania, and also further inside Bulgaria. Thunderstorms are also possible in N Ireland and NW great Britain coasts. Tomorrow morning thunderstorms will be possible at the W coast of Greece, as well as in the NE. At around noon the situation does not change in the W, but the area of possible thunderstorms will expand in the NE, With thunderstorms likely over the NE islands of Greece, strong thunderstorms possible.
The threat will gradually dissipate until the evening, but thunderstorms will still be possible. In the evening thunderstorms will also be possible in N, NW Ireland, as well as at the coasts of W north Britain. Thunderstorms will also be possible in Cyprus. In the night to Saturday thunderstorms will still be possible in N, NE Ireland, and the same regions of great Britain, but thunderstorms will also be possible over all Greek islands except Crete and the far SE ones. Until the morning the threat for Ireland and great Britain will have dissipated to the majority, but the Greek thunderstorm possibility will move S, now including all islands except the far NE islands. At around noon thunderstorms will be possible in all of Ireland except the SE, as well as in SW England. The S and E Greek islands islands will still have thunderstorm possibility.

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