23.12.2012 Long term wind warnings Germany

#1 by Linus , Sun Dec 23, 2012 6:03 am

The next time significant, damaging wind will strike is on Mon, 12UTC. Gusts of 85km/h are expected in the NW of Germany. If you live in the areas affected by the storm, please close the shutters, take everything from the garden inside, and stay far away from any trees. Prepare with slight damage of the roof, as well as damage on the shutters. The storm system will move E, weekening, but not loosing it's streangth (that is, in Germany), and will then also affect Bremen and Hamburg. The storm will continue weekening, and there will only be damages in N Germany, and at the Baltic sea coast. The next time dangerous wind comes is on Tue, 18UTC. At the W border, gusts to 84km/h are expected. Do the same saftey procedures as the day before, and expect damage at the shutters and slight roof damage. The wind slowly will move towards the E, before getting out of Germany to the E on Wed, 12UTC.

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