4.12.2012 Weather forecast for Berlin

#1 by Linus , Tue Dec 04, 2012 5:46 am

The wind will stay quite lively, with a first peak with gusts up to 55kmh, 30kn at 6:00 UTC Tomorrow. Untill 18:00 UTC the gusts will drop down to maximum 18kmh. Then the wind will grow gusty again on Saturday from 12 to 18UTC, where the gusts are expected to reach 53kmh.
The temperature seems to be showing a trend to get significantly colder, but with it the weather nicer. (see the part weather)
Today the temperature will not drop under 0°C, and not rise over 3°C, so exactly the cold, but not really cold weather that nobody (or not many people) like. The temperature span will suddenly get larger tomorrow, with the minimum temperature -3°C and the maximum temperature +3°C. And then cooling will beginn, and the first frost days will beginn (days on which the temperature does not rise over 0°C). On Thursday we are expecting the first of a long series of frost days, with a minimum of -2°C, and a maximum of 0°C. This temperature will also continue on Friday. Then, on Saturday, it will grow even colder. The minimum temp will stay at -2°C allright, but the maximum will only be -1°C. On Sunday there is at least a small heating, with the minimum temperature staying the same, but the maximum reaching 0°C. But on Monday the real, permanent frost strikes. On Monday the temperature drops, the minimum then is -3°C, and the maximum -1°C. Then on Tuesday, the temperature will be the same, before dropping rapidly in the coming days.
Today at 6UTC we are still expecting detatched, light snowfall, before the precipitation changes to rain and stays untill 21UTC. Then at 0UTC Tomorrow, light rain will beginn to fall again. It will soon turn into consistant, moderate snowfall, which will last untill 6UTC, before weakening and then continuing as detatched, light snowfall. We expect snowfall the next time on Thursday, at 3UTC, where detatched, light snow is supposed to occur, before going away and coming back at 9UTC, then going away again and coming back at 15UTC, and then stays untill 18UTC. Then, on Friday we are expecting quite long lasting consistant, moderate snowfall, that will start at 6UTC and stay untill 0UTC on Saturday, before melting into detatched, light rain. The rain will dicipate and come back from 15 to 18UTC. On Sunday there will be moderate, consistant snow in the morning, and in the afternoon rain.
The snow will sometimes stay lying on the ground, especially on Friday. On Friday at 21 UTC a 4cm thick snow layer is expected.

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RE: 4.12.2012 Weather forecast for Berlin

#2 by Alexis , Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:14 pm

how can you write that much?


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