forecast for the week from wednesday the 18.4.2012 to sunday

#1 by Linus , Wed Apr 18, 2012 5:35 am

Get your computers, cameras etc. ready for some nice clouds this week!
For example tomorrow, after a very cloudy day in the evening the clouds will break up, giving a great view to all the cumulus clouds!!!!!!
And on Friday the whole day ( especially from noon and later) will be "covered" by high growing cumulus clouds, in the evening we might even see some clouds north of berlin that give of moderate rain showers.
Even in the early morning of Saturday we might get some rainshowers from cumulus clouds! satturday will be interesting, since the rainshowers will reach moderate streangth over the morning, and then -please be prepared- in the early afternoonthunderstorms are possible! ( as far as the models say now, that is even expected!) In the evening only some local rain showers left. Nut please try to be online while the first event from berlin of 2012 (hopefully) happens.
On Sunday nothing interresting will happen.

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