19.7.2012 Thunderstorm in Berlin including Hail, Strong rain, and Windy gusts

#1 by Linus , Fri Jul 20, 2012 6:08 am

already around noon there was a week thunderstom in Berlin (which is a real event for berlin). The forecasting models had said that the danger for thunderstorms is gone untill the evening. So as, at around 18:00MEST big, dark clouds came I decided not to take it so serious, but get out onto my balcony, and try to catch the “´strong rainshower” as the forecasting model GFS said. (For that you have to know, I have two cameras. One I call drycam, is a camera with 21x optical zoom, and has a way better graphic than the precipicam, precipitation camera, that has no zoom.) So I took my drycam. The only problem was: I could not have both cameras ready, because I only had one SD card that was empty. Then came the rain, and the thunder. I sped inside and switched the SD card into the precipicam. And now I filmed torrential rain, 38.8Lm² in only 15min. Later it started to hail. At first I thought: “how can rain hurt that much on your arm?” But then I figured it was hail and went back into our appartment. The street flooded, and that was the next real event. The last time our street flooded was in a rainshower last year on the 1.8. Back then the drainage was plumbed with leeves, so this shower with 10Lm² caused the road to flood completely. Yesterday, the draindage was not plumbed.

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