2016.10.30 - ESC European Windstorm Overview / Warnings / Watches

#1 by Linus , Sun Oct 30, 2016 12:07 pm

Here is today’s ESC European windstorm overview, issued October 30th 2016 at 11:00 UTC.

There is currently one storm system in the region.

Severe storm GISI has regained strength and is now located to the northwest of Iceland with a central pressure of 993hPa, 4hPa higher than in the previous ESC overview. The system’s peak gusts currently exceed 140km/h, but this is mainly over the open ocean between Iceland and Greenland. GISI is currently affecting Iceland with storm gusts that are forecast to intensify in the coming hours, hence a storm warning has been issued which overlays a severe storm watch on the map. Some northern islands of the North Sea may also be affected within the next 48 hours, but due to uncertainties and the time period a storm watch watch has been issued.

Below are the ESC Overview as well as warnings and watches:

Red: Storm warning (>70km/h likely within 24h)

Orange: Severe storm watch (>120km/h possible within 48h)

Yellow: Storm watch (>70km/h possible within 48h)

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