2016.10.19 - ESC European Windstorm Overview / Warnings / Watches - Update

#1 by Linus , Thu Oct 20, 2016 12:01 am

Here is today’s ESC European windstorm overview, issued October 19th 2016 at 21:40 UTC.

There is currently one storm system in the region.

Severe storm NICOLE is located over the Northern Atlantic to the east of Greenland and west-southwest of Iceland. Its central pressure is 961hPa, a decrease of 5 hPa since the last ESC overview at 10UTC, peak gusts currently exceed 130km/h. A gust of 107km/h has been registered in Iceland, in Greenland a wind peak of 126km/h has been registered. The system is forecast to move towards the north, and its center is predicted to reach the coast of Greenland within 24h. NICOLE is forecast to affect Iceland within the 24-hour forecast period. Hurricane-forced storm gusts over 135km/h, possibly more, are to be expected as the storm fiel moves across the Island in the coming 24h. Exposed places such as mountain peaks and coasts are especially at risk. A severe storm warning has been issued for Iceland due to the imminent threat from the severe storm NICOLE. Outskirts of NICOLE’s storm field will also affect the northern North Sea, hence a storm warning has been issued for the islands located there.

Below are the ESC overview as well as warnings/watches maps.

Dark red: Severe storm warning (>120km/h likely within 24h)

Red: Storm warning (>70km/h likely within 24h)

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2016.10.19 - ESC European Windstorm Overview / Warnings / Watches

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