2016.06.05 - POTSDAM-MITTELMARK: BBIS DoE Expedition Weather

#1 by Linus , Sun Jun 05, 2016 8:03 pm


Day 1 (Monday, 06.05.) – On day one of the Duke of Edinburg bronze expedition 2016, the weather will most likely be perfect, with no clouds expected to be visible in the sky during the entire day. But this also means that the sun’s energy will strike the surface with full intensity, and a UV index of 7 is expected. It is therefore highly recommended to use sun protection. The temperatures will start at around 13°C in the morning, but with the clear sunshine will quickly rise and reach up to 26°C in the afternoon. Good hydration is essential.
In the night it is expected to stay clear. Dew is fairly unlikely, yet still possible especially near water. Because the sky will be clear, a lot of the heat energy can escape and the temperatures will drop to around 10°C.

Day 2 (Tuesday, 07.05.) – The sky conditions of day two will likely be very similar to day one, with unblocked sunshine most, if not all the time. Again, the UV index is expected to be level 7, meaning that sun protection is necessary. The temperatures will quickly climb and reach maxima of up to 28°C, meaning that a good supply of drinking water is even more important than usually. As on the first day, precipitation is not expected.

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