2015.01.30 - Mediterranean

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2015.01.30 – Dangerous situation in the Mediterranean

Very intense weather, especially precipitation, is being observed (as forecast) in the Mediterranean, mainly in the western Balkan states. Locally, over 82l/m² in 12 hours or 116 l/m² in 24 hours were regsitered. But also storm gusts are a significant problem. Below is the current Meteoalarm warning map

Current Mediterranean overview:

- Bosnia and Herzegowina: Extreme Rainfall and Severe storm gsuts.
- Cyprus: No warnings
- Spain: Severe storm gusts, Severe winter conditions and severe waves
- France: Severe avalanche risk, Severe flooding, Strong winter conditions
- Greece: Severe thunderstorms, Severe rainfall, Severe storm gusts
- Croatia: Severe rainfall, Severe storm gusts, Severe thunderstorms
- Italy: Severe storm gusts, Severe thunderstorms, Severe rainfall
- Montenegro: Extreme rainfall, Extreme Stormgusts, Extreme waves
- Macedonia: Severe rainfall, Severe stormgusts, Strong winter conditions
- Malta: Strong rainfall, Strong waves, Strong wind
- Serbia: Extreme storm gusts
- Slovenia: Severe avalanche risk, Severe winter weather, Strong rain

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2015.02.01 - Warnings for Mediterranean
Warning for tomorrow, 30.01.2015 - MEDITERRANEAN REGION

Current warnings

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