2015.01.30 - Forecast for Berlin

#1 by Linus , Fri Jan 30, 2015 6:46 am

FRIDAY - the SNOWFALL which already started yesterday, will continue until well into the night, even though the intensity will decrease. Especially in the moring, the SNOW can be at times strong. The temperatures will range from 1 to 3°C, after the sun sets, there will be FROST down to -2°C. It can be quite gusty at times, with gusts reaching 6bft. Even though the temperatures are expected to reach positive values, the forecast shows no decrease of the snow cover over the day.

SATURDAY - it will be mainly cloudy, however the sun will be visible now and then, and there will also be SNOW for periods of time. In the night leading to Saturday, there will be FROST of -3°C, but during the day the temperatures will rise to +2°C. Especially in the afternoon, the wind might be gusty. The snow cover is forecast to continue to exist.

SUNDAY – During the day there will be quick changes between sunny and cloudy periods, and in the morning there might also still be SNOW. IN the morning again there will be -3°C (FROST!), and during the day the temperatures will reach +2°C once more. In the afternoon and especially evening hours the wind will pick up, and in the night there will be NEAR-GALE gusts. There will still be a snow cover, based on the forecast.


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