2015.01.19 - Weather forecast for SW Berlin and surrounding

#1 by Linus , Mon Jan 19, 2015 5:26 am

For the new receivers: This is the MILK Weather forecast, which is usually sent daily.

TODAY it will be very cloudy – most of the time it will be nearly overcast. However, it should stay dry today, with temperatures from –2 to +4°C. The wind will be very light.

SUMMARY: Cloudy, but dry. Cooler than yesterday at –2 to +4°C. Light wind.

TOMORROW morning it will be overcast, and soon SNOW will begin to fall. In the afternoon and/or evening there might also be FREEZING RAIN. In the evening the precipitation will stop. The temperatures will be between -1°C in the morning and +3°C during the day. There won’t be much wind. There will be a snow cover of about 1cm.

SUMMERY: SNOW most of the day, later FREEZING RAIN. Cool, at –1 to +3°C. Not much wind.

WEDNESDAY morning it will be quite nice, however over the course of the day, the cloud cover will increase. But – we will have patches of sun the whole day long. Because of the clear night leading do Wednesday it will be cooler, though. -4°C to +1°C are currently forecast. The wind will gradually increase during the day.

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