long term thunderstorm forecast for Austria Part 1

#1 by Linus , Sat Apr 28, 2012 9:14 am

Let's skip to tuesday where the action beginns.
On tuesday in the early afternoon there will be the first thunderstorms in the NE styria. the temperature there will be about 20°C. In E tirol and SE salzburg there will be the first light rainshowers. the temperatures there will be only 16-18°C, so the showers should not manage to intensify quickly. But in the evening all of Vorarlsberg will be covered in thunderstorms, also the northern side of tirol and southern and centrale Salzburg will be covered in thunderstorms. Strong rainshowers might cause fllding in SW Tirol, and also in East Tirol. In the NE Styria severe Thunderstorms with hail will form, and in the NE Oberösterreich and NW Niederösterreich normal thunderstorms will occur. Over night when the temperatures sink down to 5°C, the thunderstorms quickly vanish, only leaving some severe thunderstorms with hail in the NE Styria. Extreme rainshowers in N Vorarlberg and NW Tirol will cause flooding, the same in the NE Styria. On wednesday in the morning the temperatures will drop down again, but in the N Oberösterreich there will be some thunderstorms, and in Salzburg some extreme rainshowers that will cause flooding, the same in the NE Styria. Already in the early afternoon thunderstorms will form in N Vorarlberg, NW and NE Tirol, and the N Styria, as well as the southern Niederösterreich. In the evening all Vorarlberg will be covered in thunderstorms. Tirol, except south central Tirol will be covered, too. All Salzburg and East Tirol will be covered too, and the northern Styria as well. In the NE styria hail thunderstorms are expected as well. Continuation in Part 2

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