Warnings forecast for DE; AT; CH

#1 by Linus , Tue Dec 23, 2014 4:29 pm

The warning issued for Berlin is still valid until the 24.12 until 13UTC

In the evening today it will be windy in the N half of Germany, with storm gusts at the north sea coast of Germany, and locally in Schleswig-Holstein. In austria it will also be windy, in the mountains storm gusts. In the mountains of Switzerland and W Austria as well as SW Germany there will be frost.

In the night it will be windy in most of Germany, with storm gusts continuing at the north sea and locally in Schleswig-Holstein. Wind, in the mountains storm gusts are predicted for Austria. There will be frost in S Germany, S Switzerland and W Austria.

In the morning the wind and storm gusts will continue in the previously affected. There will be frost in wide areas of S Germany, as well as in S Switzerland, W and SW Austria.

The risk of wind gusts will spread further to the S of Germany during the day, however the wind speed in Austria will decrease. There will still be frost in S Germany, S and SW Switzerland and the mountains of W Austria. In the mountains of central Germany, storm gusts will be possible.

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