2014.12.20 - Weather forecast for Berlin

#1 by Linus , Sat Dec 20, 2014 7:27 am

Today, the look of the sky will change very rapidly. Right now it is mainly clear, but in a few hours it will already start to rain. During most of the day it will rain. The temperatures will reach from 3 to 6°C. What is very important is the STORM, which will reach up to 90km/h. For more about the storm, visit www.milk-weather.org or www.milk-stormchasers.de. For the Germany-wide warnings, see the attatchment.

Tomorrow it will be overcast the whole day, and in the evening it will begin to drizzle. The temperatures will be cooler than today, but still over average, reaching from 2 to 5°C. It will stay VERY WINDY. In the morning there might still be GALE FORCED GUSTS.

Monday will stay completely overcast and rainy the entire day. Especially in the afternoon and evening, the rain will increase and be quite strong. The temperatures will range from 6 to 9°C. During the entire day, STORM GUSTS up to 90km/h are predicted.

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