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#1 by Linus , Fri Nov 14, 2014 11:28 am

This is what MILK Weather forecast for the coming weekend.

Cloud cover (at 12UTC): Saturday 8/8, Sunday 8/8

Duration of sunshine (% of total possible): Saturday 16%, Sunday: 1%

Wind direction (at 12UTC): Saturday 100, Sunday 120

Wind speed (at 12UTC): Saturday 13kts, Sunday 7kts

Peak gusts (over 25kts, from 6UTC to 6UTC next day): None

Weather (around 9UTC): Saturday none, Sunday drizzle

Weather (around 15UTC): Saturday none, Sunday rain

Air pressure (12UTC): Saturday 1007.5hPa, Sunday 1003.1hPa

Maximum temperature (06 to 18UTC): Saturday 12.1C, Sunday 11.5C

Minimum temperature (18UTC prev. day to 06UTC): Saturday 8.0C, Sunday 8.6C

Dewpoint (12UTC): Saturday 7.7C, Sunday 7.9C

Precipitation (06UTC to 06UTC next day): Saturday 0.2mm, Sunday 1.8mm

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