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21.6.2012 Extreme heat in SE europe Part 1 Croatia

 by Linus , Thu Jun 21, 2012 6:06 am

The warnings levels are now raised to the highest level. The heat wave in Hungary and Croatia won't loosen it's grip, rather the opposite: It will titen. Causualties are beginning to become more and more in Croatia and Hungary, and even Austria still experiences some strong heat especially in Nieder Österreich. In Croatia not only the temperatures are the problem, there is high humidity, too. In the Rijeka region where the temperatures reach 35°C the warning was not even set to the highest vallue yet, even though there is very high humidity there, just like in the rest of the country. In the Gospic Region the temperatures reach 34°C, in the Split region 36°C. And now the warnings in Croatia of the gighest stage:
Knin region: 39°C
Karlovac Region: 36°C
Zagreb region: 36°C, with minimum temperatures above 20°C
Osijek region: 37°C with minimum temperatuers above 20°C

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21.6.2012 Extreme heat in SE europe Part 1 Croatia Linus 06.21.2012

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