2014.06.03 - maximum temperatures for DE, AT forecast (192 hours)

 by Linus , Tue Jun 03, 2014 8:09 am

Here comes the sun. And with the sun, in central Europe the temperature will rise rapidly and to very high values (possibly even record breaking).
Today the temperatures will reach up to 30°C in SW Germany (Baden Würtemberg, only locally). In the E of Austria, temperatures will reach 26°C.

Tomorrow. Temperatures of up to 28°C in E Saxony, Germany and 27°C in SW Upper and SE Lower Austria.

Thursday. Temperatures of up to 26°C in SE Baden Würtemberg. Up to 24°C in the N half of Austria.

Friday. Up to 33°C in SW Baden Würtemberg. In Austria, up to 32°C in the far NE.

Saturday. Up to 36°C in W Baden Würtemberg (locally). In Austria, up to 35°C in N Burgenland.

Sunday. Up to 40°C in NE Saxony and SE Brandenburg (locally). In Austria, 32°C in Upper and Lower Austria.

Monday. Coming soon.

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